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(Updated: June 23, 2015)
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I come to Kickapoo Harrah all the time. However the casino is not fair to their faithful patrons..(at least not me)First, I spend a lot of money and I find it is to no avail. The slot machines($0ne cent) do not pay like I think they should. If I play $100 in one machine, then I think I should get at least $5.00 in return..But this does not happen at your casino. And I guess management has other idea on how to make a profit..How to make money is not by giving your patron nothing, but you may have to spend money to make money..Giving a small kickback is not a good promotion..People who come to get the kickback do not stay and play..WHY?? I think management has to think of other ways to meet their bottom line.. Second, people want to experience some winning during their playing..Now if they win some then they will stay and play more..This is what happens at, for example Remington Park..If you go the Rem during the day or night, it is always filled with patrons, and they stay and play..What I have seen at Kickapoo, is one person winning a big jackpot($20,000), and no others winning anything... Again this is not fair to your patrons that come all the time..They come to win also, like the jackpot winner. I have expressed my feeling on what I have observed on the many time I have been there..All I can say is maybe there needs to be a change in management, get someone who knows HOW to make money for the casino, and not be robbing the patrons.
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