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(Updated: May 27, 2017)
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Their comps are good if you can choose your times. My wife gets better offers than I do, because she plays keno. Casinos are stingier with video poker players like me, for good reason. But we get two free rooms a month, and free (for her), half price (for me) meals at the three fairly good restaurants. On Thursdays 5-10, you get $50 free play when you've played 100 points, and that's on top of initial free play ($5 for me, $30 for spouse). In addition, there's a hot seat drawing every half hour. A skilled player will always lose less than $50 in getting to 100 points, so I win every Thursday night, probably an average of +$30-40 for 2-3 hours play. That's not much, but more than pays for the gas driving there, and we make a night of it with the free room and ultra-cheap dining. It's nice to have a sure thing, but only if you play video poker and play it well.
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May 30, 2017
I should have added this negative note, the number of video poker machines offering Jacks or Better, the game with the best odds, is dwindling. I think now there are only about 9 left, and since these are Game Kings also containing keno, it's not easy to find an open machine. Meanwhile, whole banks of Class II slots are idle. The only new video poker games being added are the rip-off multi-hand machines, which offer terrible odds, and machines offer a choice of games with oddball odds, like All American Poker, which have inferior pay schedules. If this trend continues, we will have to abandon the Grand, despite its good comps, and switch our business to the Riverwind.
Gary Harris
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