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I can't believe some of the negative reviews I'm reading. We moved to Texas 4 years ago and have been going to Choctaw Durant for 3 years. What more would these people want. This place is amazing, we win every time we play on slots. You can't spend 30 cents on a machine and expect to win thousands. Our rooms have always been immaculate. The pools and the restaurants and the whole casino is so clean. It is such a nice break when you stay three days like we do to go to a movie or the spa or lay around the pool. We recently went to Lake Charles Louisiana just to see the casinos. We left after one day. Go ahead, go to Louisiana and see what your experience is like. Oh and be sure you pay close attention to the customer service....there is none. When you go to eat or do anything, they act like they're doing you a favor to wait on you. I will never gamble anywhere but Choctaw Durant, so you people that gave negative reviews, maybe you should go to other casinos and see how they take care of you. Choctaw Durant is in my mind a Vegas equal casino. We love it there. P.S. we've been gambling for over 40 years and we both hit our biggest jackpots ever at Choctaw Durant. 
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April 26, 2019
You win every time you go, we all know your an absolute liar now, do you work for the Casino or what? Oklahoma has no governing of the payouts like in Louisiana, most people I know go to win, Ive been to Choctaw 16 times in 14 years and never walked out a winner!
Joe Momma
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