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My husband and I used to go here before they added the hotel. We never really won big nor did we lose much. It was always a 50/50 chance of wining something. But after they added the hotel you can never win anything. All the slots just eat up your money like a kid at a candy store. I knew it would be like that but we still went in hopes that they would loosen up the slots but after wining absolutely nothing we stopped going.

After a year of not going they could have loosened up the slot machines. We also got a "suite" at there hotel for the weekend.

Front desk ladies are super super nice. 5 stars. My husband and I always go to the back of the casino. The atmosphere is a lot more quieter and more enjoyable.

Hotel room. One star. It was the smallest room that I have ever paid for. Even old hotels are way bigger than this suite. I couldn't imagine a normal room. They only had one small shampoo bottle and one small soap. The restroom door would not close unless you slammed the door. They also only had one blanket for the bed and it was extremely thin. Though they did have an extra one in the closet but that was for a couch that could be turned into a bed. Still it was very thin and I had to get the heater on. The heater would not reach the side where the small desk was in so I had to have the blanket on while I was on my lap top.
They do not have vending machines on the third floor so if you get thirsty in the middle of the night you have to go all the way to the lobby to get one.

Also the elevator was really loud. I have been in many elevators and this was the loudest one.

The 32" tv was in the center of the room between the bedroom and the desk room. It seemed akward at first but you could easily slide it in whatever direction you would want. (Facing the desk or the bed) Bad part was that most channels did not have a signal so you couldn't watch all the channels the booklet said that you could.

Two of the towels that where in the restroom had makeup on them. The closet door was also broken. The handle was broken on the floor when we had arrived.

We didn't try the free breakfast though the lobby area and tables down there seemed very pretty.

Staff was the only nice thing on this trip but I will not return to this casino unless they start handing out cash for just walking in.
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