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Oklahoma 4630
Crooked as a Black Snake!
(Updated: October 02, 2016)
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They save their jackpots for the people they know, are fond of and have even let the employees play late at night to get them so if you don't ever win, like me, that might be one of the reasons. The place stinks awful, the air very heavy with lead and smoke of dope so kill your test goodby when you have to go to the doctor to get your pain meds. They hired new servers lately that are a bit on the rude side, won't be bothering to go back until they can straighten up their act and let us win instead of their 'pets'. I have NEVER been called in a drawing and it didn't matter if I had 300 or 3000 tickets for the drawing, they pre select who they are going to allow to win from what I can tell. There are no random winners or persons winning from their tickets, at least, I NEVER have and that is totally wrong I have been there for many years and didn't even get a smoker grill. Now, can't even play regardless of how much I take to play on let alone win, forget it!
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