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They took away the promotions...
(Updated: October 24, 2012)
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First of all, they no longer have matchplay promotions. Which is really unfortunate as it takes away our main reason to go there as this casino isn't that much fun to visit. I can play slots anywhere and theirs aren't that special or up-to-date. As stated in another review, there are no video poker or table games. They even removed the video blackjack machine.

The food is minimal and the fact that their policy about taking drinks out of the casino is ridiculous, especially if you bought your drink in their cafe, makes visiting the property feel restricted. The way the staff was practically pouncing on people and making them throw away their drinks at the door before they could leave was really unfriendly. They don't serve liquor of any kind so it's just pop for pity's sake! It costs them next to nothing and after I've spent plenty playing their machines the least they could do is let me leave with my coffee. Geez, what a bunch of cheapskates.

No hotel, bar, or lounge area and with the cafe being so minimal it's not a destination stop. Even more so now that they took away the daily promotions.

Also, they took the doors off the non-smoking room so there's no longer a non-smoking area available.
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