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North Dakota 2966
This place needs a update.
(Updated: October 24, 2016)
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I am a regular player at this casino because I live in the town of DL. I have enjoyed coming here to play. But the last few months the slots have been very tight. I know people don't always win in a casino but it has been really bad lately. No playbacks, some slots have bonus rounds and even those do not pay very much. I suggest lossen a few slots and players will return to gamble more. Employees should be professional and friendly and not stand around and talk about players. They really need new slot machines very old slots here.  I lost so much money here but I don't mind it because some days I would have good days so I would return to play. Because of the atmosphere of the casino and how the slots have been so tight, I will not return here this winter. Also they have drawings every month and as much as play I never won once not one promotion yet some people win ever month. I have been noticing the same people win drawings and on slots also. I sure wish I was one of them. I wonder if my players club card isn't working lol. Overall tough place to win and hopefully they will have updates soon and better promotions until then I will not return during the winter. Maybe next summer this casino will be better with new slots. 
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