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Seasons Greetings!

Check out the latest updates regarding the American Casino Guide Book and The Jackpot Gents.

As always, we’re providing valuable tips to help you maximize your casino experience and get the best value for your money.

Exciting news this month includes our efforts to extend the expiration dates of FREE coupons in our app for the 2024 year! More details can be found below.

Join us for weekly LIVE video poker training sessions on our educational YouTube channel. Check the link below for this week’s session and feel free to leave a comment with any video poker questions you’d like answered.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to share detailed information on our new video poker content on website. Explore further details below! 


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Your Last Chance to Use Our 2023 Coupons!  

The American Casino Guide Book has 22 FREE coupons to use NOW at casinos around the country for 2023.

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How to Play 10 Common Video Poker Hands! 

In this live training video recorded recently, Matt discusses how to play 10 common video poker hands in several different video poker games.

We are live every Thursday night at 8pm EST so make sure you subscribe to never miss out.

Feel free to comment and leave any questions you would like answered next week!    

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Learn to Play Video Poker Games “Pro” with The Jackpot Gents!

We have been adding loads of new video poker content to The Jackpot Gents website.

We have hard to find strategy charts for games like super draw 6 card poker and ultimate X. The best part is its all FREE!

We will continue to add more content each week and we encourage you to check out the website to learn great tips for improving your video poker skills!

Click the link below to check out all of this great information – all for FREE!

Learn to Play Video Poker Like a Pro For Free!

The Jackpot Gents Release a NEW Video Every Day! Watch Them Play Video Poker!

Steve and Matt Bourie, also known as The Jackpot Gents, release a new video every day at 9:30 a.m. EST, showing their video poker play in a real casino!

They play for about 20 minutes and at the end of each video they show you their results for that day, as well as give a win/loss total on how they are doing for the year.

Steve and Matt usually bet $25 per spin, but they will sometimes bet as much as $125 per spin on hundred play games! Click below to learn more!

Visti The Jackpot Gents YouTube Channel

Find The Best Promotions In Vegas!

Did you know that we publish a list of all the best casino promotions every month for Las Vegas?

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