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(Updated: June 05, 2017)
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Stayed in a room I won't disclose for legal purposes this weekend. I told the woman at the front desk that I had been attacked on my hand and all over my neck by some sort of bug, they didn't take it seriously or care she told me the manager would be in in one hour. I woke up at 6 o'clock to discover these bites but didn't bring it to their attention till 11 o'clock am when check out was. I called to have them send someone to inspect the room, they sent someone out to inspect the room all he did was lift the pillows and say "I really don't know we had bees mosquitoes spiders bedbugs I've seen it all" "You got it bad sorry dude" then left within 45 seconds. I showed management, the maintenance inspector and front desk all of my bites when the manager did arrive his name was SIMON he did not care and he continued to say no comment no comment. He did say "he worked in a hospital for 20 years and remained saying no comment to everything I asked him. I asked because I stayed for two nights and I took plenty of pictures at 6 AM and throughout the next couple of hours and continue to visit the front desk. They wanted nothing to do with me. I took pictures and made sure that I protect myself if I were to bring these bugs home because I did my research on the Internet with the time that I did spend in there. I cannot disclose weather I recorded the phone calls or video taped them or even had them sign disclosures. I asked if I can have a room change and they refused " Front desk said on Saturday, May 3, 2017 they are booked completely and could not move me. "I paid for two nights of misery, paranoia and stress. The second night Saturday 05-03-17 I was supposed to stay but my family and I left because my wife's nephew had started getting bite. I did not stay we drove home. They had to charge me which I didn't care. We just had to get out of there. The older lady who worked a night shift was more than accommodating and willing to move us but the infestation and experience was traumatizing. The woman that works the dayshift Jennifer or Jessica could care less and the manager Simon as well. I do not recommend this hotel and management should be fired. I'm looking into all the legal options. I took pictures of the blood stains all over the mattresses and bedsheets. I took pictures the bedbug infested couch that was ripped up and I'm also contacting a lawyer to possibly follow up. I may have to go to a hospital because I was losing feeling in my hand and it has not gotten better from all the attacks that I received from the bug bites. I will probably call out of work if by tomorrow because I still have no feeling in my hand. This is the worst experience of my life.
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