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Not a good place to spend money
(Updated: October 08, 2017)
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Well after spending two years playing 50cents at this and spending between 20-30 dollars every week or two and have never won more then 30 dollars of there money. The way these games work is... spend 50c get 25, spend 50 get 50, spend 50 nothing,spend 50 nothing..... and so on..... comon guys at least give me a 50 dollar win.. lots of sad faces and one person wins,while everyone else gets cleaned out... they talk about that one person winning to try to get you to spend money. Really sad. 20 dollars gets me about 20 mins in this place, in a real casino I bring a larger bankroll because the odds are at least 10x better at an actual casino. Dont forget these guys are not regulated by new york state and they follow there own guidlines... ever since they have been handing out free plays, there gaming has gotten even worse. Oh and dont go when they offer match plays because they set the odds even worse then usual and you never never win. Just an observation here.. on the upside every employee ive ever met there is great. I may start recording my gameplay and putting it on youtube... thats how bad it is
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