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New Mexico 134099
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Cities of Gold Hotel Management (Mark De La O and Linda Vigil) using lies, intimidation, and cheating to discourage the gambling public with pets from staying in their hotel. This is not a pet friendly hotel any longer. Cheating, they refuse to recognize promotions provided by the Casino for better rates claiming they don't have your reservation, Lying, they accuse people with pets of sneaking pets into rooms, claiming that they were not informed at registration, Intimidation, you can feel the attitudes change when you tell the desk attendants that you have a pet - they become your enemy and start an intimidating and non hospitable stance. I actually observed Mark arguing with a little old lady over unfair room charges - she received almost sadistic treatment! They play evil games with your entry cards as already reported by others. We were repeatedly locked out of the building and the room.  Don't stay at their hotel, whether you have pets or not and take your gambling business to Ohkay, Camel Rock, Santa Claran, or Hollywood - all with better paying Slots. Slots have very small bonuses and are antiquated with low hit rates - you will lose big time here!!!
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