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I had stayed last at Harrah's, but wanted this time to be on the boardwalk and I was happy that I did that. The location was much better and in Atlantic City parking the car once and then not moving it is the cheapest alternative.
I like some shade on the beach and this location was great. Just along side was the new Revel and across from that was a building that jutted out to the ocean and I could put my folding chair under it or near it and catch the shade while still having the beach. The water was cold, but it was refreshing because it was one of these humid times we were having.
I wanted to ride my bike. Riding is allowed on the boardwalk from 6-10. In the autumn I had enjoyed another open time in the afternoon. However, I had a flat tired and did not get to ride. I will next time.
I did walk on the pier and watch the rides and people. It was fine to see that. There are quite a few places out there where you could bring a sandwich and have lunch.
I brought most of the food I ate. I remembered that the prices of food are high in Atlantic City. I did buy one expensive buffet right at Showboat, the seafood night. It was $37 on Sunday. I also ate a more reasonable meal at the Irish Pub just off the boardwalk.
The place is a small museum of articles, photos, and memorabilia. Much of it is focused on baseball and some of that is very unique and rare. Much of it would be valuable on eBay. All was interesting.
Even the ceiling is covered in old newspaper articles although that is too dim to be read.
The food was affordable. It was not exceptional, although the “pub salad” would make a fine meal by itself. It was good. I had a few chicken wings with that salad. They were very good. I also had a couple drafts of Great Lakes amber and those were very good, two draft mugs were just $5.50 for both, so they were priced right.
I ate at the bar and listened to some folks tell a few stories and react to the baseball game on the flat screen. I liked it all.
I had enough salad to take some back to the room for my early morning breakfast.
Poker at the Showboat was disappointing. The bad beat rake is now $2 from every pot, so with tip winning costs $7. Too much. I better liked the 2-4-6 limit game next door at the Taj Mahal.
Along the boardwalk they have reopened those cheap shops where you can find things for a dollar. I bought a new baseball cap from the Negro Hall of Fame shop. It was a large size that fits my head well and just a dollar.
I had read that the rooms were not as good as Harrah's but I did not notice anything that was sub par. Everything was fine. In my offer these rooms were free while Harrah's would have charged me $35. There was a $10 early check in fee. I got in line to time my check in right to 3 PM and did not pay it. The line was about a half hour wait. The clerk said they charged the fee up until 2:50PM.
Using VP Free I did find the full pay jacks or better and did pretty poorly until I hit a royal. So my gambling paid all my trip expenses easily. It was good fun.
I did not see any shows because there were few open on Monday.

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