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Kool! I'll be the first reviewer. This is the former Revel, the most expensive hotel built in New Jersey history at a cost of $2.4 billion! Revel opened in April 2014 and closed in Sept. 2016. Don't know what they were thinking!! This is a stunning, cavernous resort hotel which can be family friendly because the casino is on the 6th floor, and you can totally bypass if you want. Loved the free parking, free beach (Atlantic City requires no beach tag), and the free pool. Stunning views from the hotel rooms. Am a newbie to gambling so I will share my thoughts from that vantage point--the casino room is bright orange and red, but there are cool blue tones too, so I found it psychologically very inviting, stimulating but calming and reassuring. I opened a Ocean Premier Card and received $15 free slot use, but a bystander had to show me how to access it, cause I really don't know what I am doing. I just arbitrarily picked something called Dragon Spins and on the second spin the whole machine started rocking and bells and whistles were sounding, and numbers flashing. How about that I made $59.61, a "minor" payout they call it. So I pulled my ticket immediately went to the cashier, took my cash, and enjoyed the evening on the Boardwalk. Hope they do well. It's really a pleasant place. Will tell you there is endless Frank Sinatra music at the valet and the pool.
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