Stagecoach Hotel & Casino

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Nevada 1584
Candy and Casino
(Updated: February 12, 2012)
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It's not often when you're the only one in the casino, but this remote place hit the spot as I entertained myself for a couple hours. With an incredible hot springs a few miles further down the road and luck on my side, a good time was had by me, myself and I. A nice variety of machines for a little place and I sat at the right spot at the right time. Was brought a cup of coffee by a male server who left me in my own world. Incredibly, my brother told me that he could have bought the entire place for $10,000 back in the 80s, but didn't have it at the time. When you're doing the hot springs circuit, this is a good stop, along with a gas station next to it and a barn-like candy place. Doesn't seem to be any good places to eat (or sleep) in town. Kept stopping at the Mexican restaurant but it wasn't good; I would bring stuff for sandwiches and snacks. I didn't eat at the casino, however, but I'm extra careful with where and what I eat.
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