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(Updated: August 21, 2011)
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I was annoyed when the Orleans downgraded its signature 10/7 Double Bonus VP right while I was staying there in December 2006, and I stopped playing there for a few years. Then they dug me up and sent me two free nights a couple years back, and I returned.
Their rooms are some of the best of the inexpensive rooms in all of Vegas and kept well. There is plenty of room, and it is very convenient. The bathroom sink area is conveniently outside and separate from the toilet and shower, a small glass etched window off the shower to release excess steam. The beds are comfortable. All standard rooms are basically the same, but some report that the king bed rooms on the floors just below the suites are a bit better. The elevators are in two banks, one for lower floors and one for upper floors. This makes for efficient elevator travel. It is fine to have a view, but if you don’t care about view, take the rooms on floors 1-9 and have a very quick ride down each time. A guard looks at keys on the way in.
The pool is large and if the water has warmed, very comfortable. In April or November it takes some courage to swim there. The Jacuzzi is also large and decorated with rocks. It is always hot and one of my favorite Jacuzzis, as there is generally plenty of room and the center rocks make each section a bit more private. The gift store often has things for $10 that are fine to take home as souvenirs. Used decks of cards once were some of the best used casino cards in Vegas and only one dollar. They had red or blue backs. On my last trip the cards had white backs and while still inexpensive, are not of the same quality. Inexpensive used dice are also sold there.

The food is good. I have heard few complaints. Some say the buffet is not what it once was. I like the buffet, and I like Al’s Oyster House, where I can buy a very good oyster chowder (not on the menu, just ask).
For a little under $25 we can get an all day buffet price and go as many times as we like from the time it opens until 9PM (sorry, it is not 24 hours, just one day). If I am buying breakfast, especially on days when breakfast is a bit pricey, I like that. I can play poker and take a break to pop into the buffet for just a bit of fruit or perhaps some iced cream. The wrist band that marks us as an all-day buffet person is also a line pass, so that is very helpful when wanting to go in and out quickly. No lines.
Brendan’s Irish Pub will have music and drinks. However, I better like McClellan’s Irish Pub across Tropicana from the Orleans. It serves great food, including some fine homemade potato chips with interesting dips, has some good specials, and is a place to go to find a quiet little wooden nook for a more private meal. Sometimes they have music or contests as well. Keep an eye out for coupons for this place.

The Orleans live poker room is very good, but so many good playing locals like it, that the competition is rather tough. Still, for a 2-4 game you can often find enough locals to make it soft. It is large and you rarely wait for a seat. It really spreads a variety of games. Many places advertise that they do, but there may just be two tables when you arrive. This place will have the games or have only a short wait before they start.

VP is second rate at Orleans. They never had 9/6 JOB, so when the signature 10/7 double bonus was downgraded, it was downgraded to 9/6. It must draw some players, but no one who knows anything about pay tables. It is a game to avoid because 9/6 DDB is nearby and a much better bet. Scattered around the casino are some 9/7 DB progressives in 3 play. I like the nickle ones when the progressive royals are up high. There are also some decent Deuces to play, although no full pay.
For 9/6 DB you need to take the shuttle to the Gold Coast.

Check to see the Young at Hearts (over 50 years of age) promotion. Currently it is on Tuesdays from 7am to 7pm. 7X points for slots (probably a bit less for VP) a wheel to spin after 50 points, deals on the buffets (usually 2 for 1 breakfast and lunch) and cheap movies. On Monday the Young at Heart promos are at the Gold Coast, just a shuttle ride away. Currently at the Gold Coast includes Free poker tournament. 100 points for the card of the day. 10X points for slots. A free VP tournament. These promos change, but usually within a framework of setting aside one day for senior deals.

TheOrleans does have 3:2 blackjack and the last I knew there was a double deck game.
The ambiance of the gambling is very nice. It does not feel crowded.

I like the theme of the Orleans. Often there are free beads at the cashiers, the kind you have to beg or flash for at Rio or in actual New Orleans. I like the alligators. I started my buddy Lucky Pete on his Silver Strike collection there at the Orleans, and he has about every one made now. The Orleans strikes are not worth a great deal as collectibles, but that Alligator makes a great design and as a card protector, they work fine. However, they took out those machines.

The free shuttle to Bill’s on the strip or the Gold Coast means that you are less isolated than at first you might think. Also the Tropicana bus 201 takes you quickly to the strip at the NYNY corner. I find this helpful for taking in shows in that area. However, coming home in the early morning hour, this bus runs just every hour, so having a printed schedule is helpful. Cab rides are pretty cheap if you catch the cab in the NYNY circle on Tropicana because it is just a straight shot. Make certain the cabby uses a meter.

There is a bowling alley and sometimes late night bowling specials.
Free wifi is offered in the coffee area near the check in. Plugs are available. Come early as the plug opportunities fill up quickly.

I would not walk between the strip and the Orleans unless it is in the morning. In evening hours there are often prostitutes walking in that area. Avoid the Wild Wild West as well. However, if you are an Inn and Out burger fan there is one along this stretch. Just be sure you are driving or eating during safe hours and then grabbing a nearby bus.

However, I would and do walk Arville from the Orleans to the Gold Coast rolling my large suitcase behind me, again at midday. I just skip the treadmill and as long as the bag has good balance, it is an easy walk and very safe. There are plenty of people around working in various places along the way and no street folks whatsoever. Last trip I over packed, so my bag was just too heavy. I caught the Arville bus 104 and rode up to Flamingo and from there caught a bus to Eastside Cannery. Again, this Arville bus 104 runs about every 45 minutes, so you want to time your check out; then you won’t have to wait as long at the bus stop.

By the way, seniors get a huge discount on buses if they get a picture ID downtown at the new bus station (BTC). That trip on the bus cost me just $2 with the senior ID. These residential routes are a good bargain now and after September 2011 they will be much cheaper for seniors than the strip buses because the discount is supposed to go away. Finally, there is no hassle about luggage on a residential bus. I pull the largest suitcase allowed on an airline and have no trouble with the buses. Of course, I do have to lift it myself and sometimes with all my airplane carry on stuff packed inside it weighs 85 pounds, but most buses are just one step up and one down.

The new MAX has a bus stop at NYNY before heading on the highway for a quick trip downtown. So you can combine the 201 with the MAX and get luggage downtown or to the airport, or even stay a few days at the Orleans and then take the 201 to catch the MAX all the way out to Suncoast and stay there for a while. They are a B-connected casino as well. I like buses better than the paid shuttles that always have The Orleans as their last stop and so bang luggage at each stop before. When riding the MAX also pay close attention to printed schedules. It runs on average only about once an hour.

For up to date bus information and ot find schedules that can be printed out consult this site............ If you are driving, a favorite parking area is just to the right of the circle and beyond the cement area that juts out. From here is is an easy walk to check in.
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