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(Updated: October 14, 2012)
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We stayed overnight recently before flying home from a Lake Tahoe vacation. The room was small and dated but only cost $39. We ate dinner at the Carvings buffet which was pretty good and I don't generally like buffets. Had breakfast at the Hash something or other and it was pretty good too. The casino areas are somewhat dated and a little smokey for me but then I'm a little sensitive to smoke. The slot machines seemed to be paying off enough to keep everyone playing. I played blackjack and was surprised to find the dealers were all bikini wearing young women who danced on a stage from time to time. Being a sixty year old man, I couldn't help but think how much fun my son would have had there. It took me a few minutes to relax in the setting - adapt, migrate or die as they say in the Wrangell Mountains. The only table there was room was a $5 minimum, that went to $10 shortly after I sat down, and was a single deck/hand shuffled. This slowed down the game a bit, which I enjoyed as I'm new to blackjack and can use all the time I can get. My friend, who is a much more experienced blackjack player, won't play at such a table as it's too slow for him. He waited for a spot at a shoe dealt table. I suspect a single deck would be great for card counting but I'm still trying to count to 21 quickly. Our wives got a laugh out of seeing the two of us playing with the buxom young ladies. We both walked away a few bucks to the good so I can't complain. I'd play there again. The Reno Harrah's isn't as nice as the Las Vegas casino and it's probably overdue to for an interior update.
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