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Hope they do not try to get too modern
(Updated: February 29, 2012)
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I happen to be paralyzed and in a wheelchair, but fly out several times a year I fly out to Vegas and always enjoy checking out the various resorts -- especially the Downtown properties.

I never stayed at the Golden Gates because they did not have handicapped-accessible accommodations so it will be interesting to see they make some of the rooms accessible for the disabled with their current renovation project.

On my recent visit, I went to the Golden Gate for my usual fix of shrimp cocktails and the back area was walled off.

The Golden Gate has some very attractive dealers at their table games, but my favorite part of the Golden Gate is the food.

Besides the $1.99 shrimp cocktails, I think they have the best coffee shop downtown. Their breakfast items -- including pancakes, French toast, fresh baked muffins, pies and fresh squeezed orange juice -- are some of the best anywhere. Among the entrees I enjoy are the roast turkey dinner and the chicken pot pie.

The service in the coffee shop is excellent and there are several staff who have been their many years and do their job to perfection.

Looking forward to see the completed renovations at the Golden Gate. I just hope they don't wipe away that old Las Vegas feeling and atmosphere.
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