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(Updated: December 07, 2011)
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Here's the deal: we stayed here last week for 4 days. Of all the hotels in and around Las Vegas, this was the lowest in price of any major hotel/casino. At the time I am writing this you can get a room there during the week for $14 a night plus the extra daily $9.99 fee all the hotels charge when booking online. So it's cheap.

Now, about the property: this is one of the chain with the Coast Casinos and the other Fiesta Henderson. This property is probably their cheapest and least desirable property. It is located up north, about 5 minutes north of downtown so if you don't have a car and want to be able to go other places, it may not be the best place for you.

The room was fine. It was pretty small but clean. The hallways in the hotel were a bit worn but it seemed safe to us. We were able to park out in the back and the walk to our door was very short. The casino was fine, very large and they were full service with everything you might need. They had a Denny's (we ate there because it was late one night) which is not all that good. But most of these Coast Casinos have pretty good restaurants. Their Mexican restaurant was good and they had a $6.99 all you can eat taco deal that would be great for a taco nut. They were friendly and the service was fine. For someone who has his own transportation and is on a budget, this is a deal.
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