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I have had this casino on my list for three trips now and finally I decided to give it a go. It was easier to get to on the old HDX bus route, but the BHX will get there in 49 minutes. It is just a short walk away on Racetrack Road and Boulder.

I had blisters on my toes, but I wore my hard soled slip on shoes that left my toes away from any rubbing. It was a short walk with a bit of desert mountains in the distance.

They offer a 1-1 NL game where the buy-in is $20-$60 and the game is reported to be a low roller’s dream game with no maniacs who sometimes dominate low stakes games, and a mix of players. The game then breaks up for a tournament costing $30 with one add on of $10 in the first hour.

I got a late start and was there just in time to play the tournament. I was one of the first out. It would be a couple hours before I could play a cash game, and I was down on my VP bankroll and did not want to seed the machines there, so I decided to just head back and have some early dinner.

I liked the tournament and would have enjoyed the game. The folks were friendly and while conversation did seem to be mostly among regulars who play often with each other, I did not feel any hostility. Players were happy to explain the bonus offerings to me. The brush was very helpful and friendly. I’ll go back another time.

The most unique bonus offering was that high hand awards were paid in the tournaments as well as in the cash games. This is something I have not seen in any other casino.
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