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Back a few years ago, this was an ideal spot. Right on the Sstrip, very reasonable prices, EXCELLENT buffet (award winning).

Well, most of that has changed over time. The wife and I did a three day mini-weekend and boy were we ever disappointed.

First, checking in, look out for the people in the black blazers. They approach you as if they are trying to help you find your elevators, but then come and use high pressure try to get you to attend a time share seminar. Boy, one lady would NOT take no for an answer.

She followed us from the registration desk to our elevators, all the while not taking NO for an answer. Our complaints to the management fell on deaf ears.

Now for the rooms, wanted a non-smoking room, ended up with a smoking room with a non-working shower.

We had to move to a room with twin beds, in a smoking room. UGH.

The main cafe was the best part of our visit. The food was great, however the service was mediocre. The buffet is not what it once was.

It looks as if this place took a turn for the worse. The staff appears overworked, the food is at best average, and the rooms are getting old.

There were some rumors flying around that Circus Circus was on the chopping block, but that seems to be a rumor as of now. I would keep an eye on it, it just may be the next to come down.
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