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History Only Counts For So Much
(Updated: December 07, 2011)
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I have been to Binion's a bazillion times. I enjoy the "old Vegas" atmosphere but that only goes so far. I am a poker player so their poker history is significant and I have spent many hours playing poker at Binion's. The last time we played there were so many degenerate gamblers at our table it made our experience pretty depressing. The straw that broke the camel's back was this one guy who was extremely intoxicated and continued to slobber and yammer and never acted when it was his turn. He complained and made all kinds of noise and it slowed the game to a crawl. I asked the poker room manager why they don't get rid of the guy and he said that management wants it this way. So they don't care if a moron disrupts the experience for 8 other people, as long as they get as many playing as possible. And I have been told that poker room manager and fixture Carol has finally left after about 40 years.

We left and may not go back. Their coffee shop is one of the oldest and most historical significant downtown and I will miss it. But I won't miss much else from Binion's. RIP.
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