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Nevada 4837
Rude to me
(Updated: June 05, 2012)
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The bartenders are rude and they treat you like dirt if you Don't
Put up a tip for them every drink even tho we were playing
On there machines at there bar..... The old cocktail waitress Don't
Bring any attraction to this small casino and they don't fall far
From the actions of the bartenders one cocktail even wen,as far as saing
”you sone of a bi@&$” your not even tipping.....I have never been so insulted
Like that at any casino. One thing I can say is there blackjack table
is fun to play at even tho we lost reasonable food price the slot host was
very nice and beautiful I might add we were treated courteously by there
security who were constantly walking around and occasionally spoke to us
we felt very secure in that aspect overall the machines dont give any pay outs
whatsoever the bartenders should take a class in proper people skills
along with there cocktail servers and bring some attraction in I don't want to see my
grandma serving drinks. I can honestly say we will NOT!!!!!! be wasting any
Money there ever...........
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