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Hazardous, Unsanitary conditions
(Updated: November 14, 2015)
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This is a disgusting hotel worst experience. They don't clean the rooms at all, based on the huge blood stain we found on the bed. Unfortunately we had kids with us that day and they had to be exposed to this filthy, unsanitary room.

When the hotel personal was notified they just offer to switch our room and the room they had given us was a room that smelled like cigarette smoke. After seeing that room and returning to our room, that I had not seen because I was out getting some food, we decided to go back to the front desk. We had taken our food back to the car a soon as my cousin mention the situation he had found in the room and before checking any of the rooms out (unfortunately we would end up eating cold food).

We had to wait over 20 minutes because the lady was on break and no one was there to attend the front desk. Not only did she refuse to give us back our money but didn't seem to believe us about the filthy room. She must have heard the conversation I was having with my cousins wife, about speaking to the corporate office if the lady didn't help us. My cousin was the one speaking to her and she had offer to give us back half the money and put us in the room she had given us, since they don't offer refunds.

She was saying that the room is cleaned and that there couldn't be any blood stain on the bed. That's when I stepped in and said it was dirty that we weren't making this up. That's when she said she was going to refund our money but first she had to send security to check it out make sure we weren't lying.

Waited another 20 mins security came to the room took pictures and left. My cousin came back up 10 mins later and said we had to be out of the room before we get our money back. Security was nice enough to approach us and assumed we had been told to leave the room because of sanitary reason. But unfortunately this wasn't the case, the only reason was to get a refund. That refund was only given because the lady knew I would contact corporate about this unsanitary hotel.

I would give them a lower star if I could would never recommend this hotel to anyone even if it was the only one available. Which reminds me the lady also wished us luck finding another hotel because they were all booked and it was more of the way she said it like she was hoping we couldn't find another hotel. Not the kind of customer service anyone should experience.
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