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Mississippi 4597
Room was disgusting!
(Updated: February 04, 2013)
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I booked a room online from the website that was supposed to be a suite with 2 queen beds and an in-room Jacuzzi. When my wife and I got there, we were given a "King mini-suite" with a Jacuzzi bathtub in the bathroom. I called the front desk to see if there had been a mistake and they informed me that NONE of the rooms had in-room Jacuzzi's (even though that is what the website indicates and that is where my expectations were set). My wife and I stayed Friday and Saturday night and our stay was a disaster. I have traveled quite a bit in my lifetime and I have stayed at just about every level of hotel. But I've never stayed at a casino hotel that was so disappointing. The air conditioning was broken in our room. It was so uncomfortably warm that we had to open the balcony door on and off all weekend to cool the room. The light above the Jacuzzi (in the bathroom) flashed on and off randomly and often. There was wallpaper peeling in the bathroom next to the shower and toilet with black mold everywhere behind it. The TV was an old Zenith tube-type TV with 11 channels. Now, I'm not a prude. I understand that they want to keep their customers out in the casino, so it makes sense to not have many luxuries in the room. However, this was just unacceptable. The icing on the cake was when we went to check out. As my wife and I were leaving Sunday, the cleaning ladies were doing their job and there was a room 4 doors down from ours with the door open for cleaning. Right there was a king room with an in-room Jacuzzi! We were extremely upset. I'm a very non-confrontational person but when I mentioned all that to the lady at the front desk, I didn't get any satisfaction. I wasn't looking for anything free or even discounted but what I got was indifference and a little frustration from the staff. And at the risk of sounding downright spoiled, we had to ask for a valet at check-in and loaded the luggage cart ourselves and took it up to the room. Then at check-out we had to wait for a valet who brought my vehicle and hopped out saying, "have a nice day". He didn't offer to help with our luggage or anything. Our weekend was a waste of money and a waste of an attempt to have a nice weekend away.
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October 28, 2016
I feel for you not getting the expectations you were promised, but you have to realize that the general manager(what a joke!) is a liar and is responsible for the lack of respect for the poor saps that have the misfortune of coming to this farce of a casino. I hope you do not go back to this casino as I have not gone back and will continue to inform everyone I meet about this PROBLEM!! There are better, cleaner. friendlier casinos in Vicksburg and WATERVIEW CASINO will not get the majority of the business as patrons are getting wise to the tight machines, poor food quality and rude employees!!
randall starling
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