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Mississippi 4830
Stay away from tge Silver Slipper Casino
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On Thursday March 8, 2018 a friend and I went to play the machines and have fun enjoying our night. We like to play together but we play on two machines, putting equal money in both
(That will be relevant in a few). We were playing the Dragon Links which are by the hotel entrance. There was a security guard five feet from us the whole night. At about 8:45 PM I was approached by a different security guard saying that someone wants to play the machine that I was playing. I replied that I am playing. He then said that she said I wasn't. I said look at my points, I'm playing. He walked away. The group of people who wanted to play that machine then started verbally harassing us. Saying things like "drunk white bitches" ( I'm not a bitch and wasn't drinking), "I should pull her out of that chair" cursing at us and carrying on. We ignored the problem hoping it would go away. A few minutes later another security guard came up saying the same thing. I replied that I was in fact playing the game as my points are continuing to rise. And that these ladies are verbally and racially harassing us, could he please do something. His response was more on the lines of we can't play two games, which is false because we were separately playing our own games. I told him again that we are being harassed and he did nothing. The guard at the hotel entrance did nothing. This went on until approximately
2:30 AM. We were called every name in the book, threats were made against us for almost six hours straight. The casino did nothing to protect us. During this time other guards would go up to the harassing group and talk friendly because they knew them. At no point was anything said about the verbal threats, cursing or harassing. We were scared to leave. We didn't feel safe with the security guards because they failed us the last six hours. Finally at about 2:30 the last harasser left and we were able to leave. We honestly thought they would be waiting outside for us. Thankfully they were not.
On Friday March 9,2018, I tried calling the general manager, John Ferrucci, I left a few messages but no return call. I tried again in the evening but was connected to a manager named Pauline, after I explained what happened to her, I was told basically that we should have asked for help. She was victim blaming. I explained to her why we didn't feel comfortable contacting security, they already failed us and were personal friends with the group. She then had the audacity to say we should have called her or someone else. How are we supposed to know who to call? The guard heard everything, he didn't call. We told a different guard, he did nothing. And now she is seriously saying that we should have done something . Why are the guards there? I asked her that question and her response was that they are there to protect the equipment. So there you have if it folks, the guards are not there to protect you. I asked Pauline if I would get some sort of follow up call and she got bitchy saying that she would address it .We won't be going back and please spread the word, I can only imagine how many elderly people have been bullied and harasses at this place while everyone turns the other cheek.
It's evident that the Silver Slipper is not a safe place and you are on your own.
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July 08, 2018
I am so very sorry that you had to endure such behavior. I attend there all the time, and I use to love those particular machines until I could no longer get any play backs. You are correct both management and security failed you guys. That is not acceptable, and I will be mindful. However, I once again apologize for your experience.
Shawanda Robinson
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