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(Updated: August 15, 2016)
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On  8 /14 /16  I visited Hollywood Casino in Tunica Mississippi.    I had just recently started coming back there with a friend after many years because I never particularly like the place but we decided to go there for a visit.   I had been back there 3 times when my money was stolen from me out of one of the slot machines.  
I had heard a contest announcement on the loud speaker and got up to swipe my card on the promotion center computer about 20 feet from where I was at.   I left some of my Casino mail promotions on the machine and turned my chair up, and walk away for about for about 30-60 seconds, the machine no more than 20-25 feet away from me.  I even turned back to watch my machine which was in a very short distance view and before I could get back to the machine,  my money was stolen.  It couldn't have been much more than 30-60 seconds and there was people and security all around. 

Immediately a Casino employee walked by whom appeared to be a Security guard.   As soon as I said it,  this "GUARD"  called the THIEF / guy whom he apparently thought had committed the theft by his name.   He called him "MICHAEL.    How suspicious is that?    ThIs Casino employee KNEW THE GUY BY NAME , if he wasn't an employee, he was dressed like one and when I told him what was going on , he looked at this other guy, called him by his name right in front of me yet he did nothing to pursue him hold him there so they could question him or try to stop him from  exiting the Casino.     This ""GUARD" said something to me quickly , exited towards the back employee area of the building , disappeared and I never saw him again.    

That part of the building has bathrooms and employee related spaces and that's where he went so I have to believe that he was a Casino employee,.   Whether these facts bare out exactly the way I remember them or not,  I left there will a bad taste in my mouth after the things that were said to me, how I was treated and how little these people care whether you get your money back or not and they made it ABUNDANTLY clear that they had no intention on pursuing it legally.   They even told me they wouldn't call the police and If I wanted to do it, I had to do it myself. 

Personally the way the entire thing went down,  the fact that this employee called the man by his name, leads me to believe that he infact KNEW THIS PERSON for some reason and I have to believe it's either because they were WORKING THIS SCAM TOGETHER, or because they KNEW THAT THE GUY WAS A THIEF ...  

Even under those suspicious conditions,  they told me ""IT WASN'T THE CASINO'S RESPONSIBILITY ,  THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO BUT ASK THE GUY TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK AND THEY SAID THEY WOULDN'T EVEN FILE A POLICE REPORT""( at different points in our conversation). 

The manager ( or the guy I was led to believe was the manager) ONLY decided to have me right a short summarization of what happened ( he told me to make it short) AFTER I asked several times what they intended on doing about it,  if they were going to call the police and AT LEAST make a police report.  I'm not going to lie,  I got somewhat aggitated and angry when I found out that they don't give a crap about the patrons of their casino enough to FILE A POLICE REPORT even under these circumstances.   

To be honest,  I believe they don't call the police because I believe they don't want this kind of  NUSIANCE  information to be exposed to the public and I believe that they know this is going on and they know that what I told them about this employee , that it makes the Casino staff look involved.    

I even asked them for a picture of the guy so I could post it on the internet ( yes they had video footage of the entire thing)  to warm people ..  I went around the Casino and warmed people all throughout the Casino before I left about this apparent scam.   
It wasn't about the money because it was only a little over $60.00 and it still isn't,  .   It was about their uncaring attitude about the entire thing and they practically blamed ME FOR Walking 20 ft from my machine and because I got robbed.   That's certainly the way it sounded and that's EXACTLY how they made me feel more than several times with their commentary ..  
The entire procedure was a complete failure.   They took FOREVER to do their jobs and even when the Guard ( who apparently knew who did it)  deserted me,  they still blamed me.. 

Within seconds of that time,  the guy was still walking away,  the 1st Casino Person ( he appeared to be)  Walked off and left me there while the theif left with my money..  He never returned.      He never tried to stop the guy or anything.    
Within a minute or so, another security person came by,  I told her what happened,  She contacted someone else,   He came over and I told them both what happened and then they said "" I will call someone '..  They left ,went somewhere else,  then another Lady showed up.. I told her what happened.. 

By this time I was getting pretty irritated because as you can imagine,  In the amount of time all this was going on,  they didn't seem to be in any hurry to catch the theif or even get my money back. 

They even proceeded to tell me things like ..    "" There's nothing we can do about it but try to see if the guy is still in the Casino and see IF HE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK".  Think about that.    If you are playing in a machine on Hollywood property, someone steals your money,  the Casino blames you and NOT THE THIEF . 
This guy didn't just happen upon me and my machine.   He was watching .  It happened so fast, this guy was a professional and I absolutely believe there were others involved in it because it went down so fast,  I was barely away from the machine for 30-60 seconds in within spitting distance , and looking in that direction and this guy so was so fast it was apparent that he was there to target Hollywood Casino Patrons and I have little doubt, he will do it again and again because THESE THEIVES ALREADY KNOWS THAT HOLLYWOOD CASINO DON'T GIVE A DAMN and they won't really even try to get the money back and they even go so far as to say ""They can't MAKE him give it back".. Even when they have the theft on Camera,  

They even have the ticket number , they know how much he stole and they even knew that he already cashed it out and they probably knew that he had already left from the way things sounded.   One things for sure,  They weren't going to help me get my money back and they even told me it wasn't MY MONEY ANYMORE , IT BELONGED TO THE CASINO ..

  You would think I walked out of the Casino or had gone somewhere off to the other side and had been gone for hours and someone just happened along and took my money.   We all know this wasn't the case and they even said ""HE TOOK YOUR MONEY AS SOON AS YOU TURNED YOUR BACK, WE HAVE IT ON VIDEO". yet they refused to go after him or pursue him criminally and told me out of their own mouths that they "WOUND NOT CALL THE POLICE TO EVEN MAKE A REPORT"" ..

.  What kind of bull malarky is that?   They state they KNEW he stole my money but apparently they don't care and they won't even really help you retrieve it and they won't even bother to pick up the phone and call the police.     How do you people THINK that makes patrons of your Casino feel knowing you won't even call the police when they ARE ROBBED and you turn around and tell them that ""THE MONEY DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU ABANDONED THE MACHINE"..  

That's the biggest bunch of malarky I've ever heard and if it isn't criminal, well it should be.   You are as bad as the theives who stole my money! 

  I believe the Casino is very aware of this problem because they made every excuse in the world to blame me for it,  not pursue the guy,  ONE FEMALE MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE EVEN TOLD ME  """ IT ISN'T YOUR MONEY  ONCE YOU LEFT IT IN THE MACHINE AND WALKED AWAY , IT BELONGED TO THE CASINO AND THE MAN WAS ACTUALLY STEALING FROM THE CASINO, NOT ME""...  You let that sink in..  
Think about what that says.    They basically say it's ok to steal from our patrons and we don't care and we won't even call the police and file a report.     How can you feel safe in a place like that with this sort of criminal behavior going on?  
First they told me that they couldn't make the guy give me my money back.. Then they told me it wasn't my money at all, that it was the CASINO'S MONEY and they even told me THEY WEREN'T GOING TO FILE A REPORT ON IT .       
Think about what that says to these Criminals when HOLLYWOOD Casino ALLOWS these people to steal your money , they won't even prosecute, they tell you the money isn't your money any longer, it's the Casinos and they WONT EVEN FILE A POLICE REPORT..  

 They won't file a police report because they KNOW SOMETHING IS GOING ON IN THEIR CASINOS THAT IS BAD OR ILLEGAL AND THEY DON'T WANT TO GET THE POLICE INVOLVED and they don't want word to get out that their OWN EMPLOYEES ( they sure look like their employees)  may be involved in it..

They won't protect you or your money and they basically told me to get lost  and the way they talked to me,  I was pretty sure they didn't give a damn about my $60.00 nor actually trying to retrieve it.    I stopped going to that Casino a long time ago because I didn't feel particularly safe in the environment ,especially later into the evening or night but this happened in BROAD DAY LIGHT in the morning time.  

All I can tell you is,   Watch your money.  Watch your machine and don't expect any help from these people if something criminal happens on their property.   They flat out tell you it's your fault because "YOU WALKED AWAY FROM THE MACHINE "" and "" THERE'S NOTHING WE WILL DO ABOUT IT " " and we "WON'T EVEN FILE A POLICE REPORT " because that's how little they give a shit about anyone that comes there..   Maybe I wasn't rich enough to suit them 

All I can tell you is,  I will never spend another dime in that place.  I will tell everyone around here about what happened and how I was treated and I will post this story on every Casino, complaints forum , Craigslist and News agency outlet that will allow me to post it and I intend on notifying the State Attorney Generals office and file a criminal nuisance report as well as the Mississippi Gaming Commission for what good it will do because there's no way this Casino can stand there and tell you """ITS YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU LEFT YOUR MACHINE"" , allow people to steal from you , blame you for the entire thing and then they won't call the police??    
They won't call the police because they know if they get the police involved and these type of things keep getting reported ( as I'm sure they are happening regularly after the way this all went down) because they don't want to become a nusiance and the more of these reports that are filed, the more likely they are to have problems with County, State and Federal Regulatory agencies as well as State and Federal policing agencies. 

I've been going to the Casinos off and on for years.   I've never had anything like this happen and I've been to every Casino on the strips more than XX over the years .     They even asked me "" "Have you ever left your machine unattended so this could happen before"",.   .  I was like , why yes I have but apparently I have been going to places that had better security and they actually cared whether you got your money back or not" and I have NEVER been treated with such an indifferent attitude by the staff in ANY Casino.  
I may not be a millionaire , and I may not spend as much money in these Casinos as a lot of people but I have been a patron to the Tunica Casinos from the time they were first built ,and out of the many I've solicited over the years, seen come and go,  I can honestly say I have never been treated this way before and I have never been involved in something that seemed as shady as this.

It's like they knew who did it and they were going so slow about doing anything,  I had to go through so many employees, that by the time they actually viewed the tape and said the saw the person on the video,  it was way too late.    There was no way to catch up with this person  by the time they got themselves cooridinated enough to do their jobs and purse this criminal and I guess it really didn't matter to them anyway, because as they stated, they never intended on pursuing him criminally anyway .   Hell they blamed the entire fiasco on ME! 

  They certainly didn't get in any hurry and this guy had PLENTY OF TIME TO GET GONE and to be honest,  from what they told me from their own mouths, they weren't going to do a damn thing about it anyway,  even if they caught him.. NOt even call the police.. THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY WOULDNT CALL THE POLICE and even bother making a report.  
The entire thing sounds very suspious to me and it sounds to me like a SET UP .. They covered this criminals ass from the onset , in the time they gave him to get away,  nothing could be done anyway and like they told me themselves, they WOULDN't / COULDN"T make him give me my money back and they WOULDN'T EVEN FILE A POLICE REPORT ...   They told me the money wasn't mine and that IT BELONGED TO THEM BECAUSE I ""ABANDONED MY MACHINE FOR  30-60 SECONDS"" ..   I guess they don't care if this guy stole from THEM either?    

Pretty suspicious don't you think?   

So ,  Hollywood,   If you haven't already "Burned my rewards account ".. Have at it.   I've never been treated more like a criminal in my entire life  and the thing is,  I wasn't stealing from this guy or the Casino,  he was stealing from ME , or if you believe the female staff member ,  it was the CASINOS MONEY ..  One things for sure,  whose every money they consider it to be,  they don't give a damn about catching this thief and they don't care about you getting your money back.

I was just lucky that it was only a little more than $60.00.   After going through this fiasco,  I wouldn't have a hard time believing there to be more than  many others who have gone through something like this in this Casino ( and more than likely on other Hollywood Casino properties,  if this is actually Hollywood Policy as it was told to me by their own employees)  , and many of them have probably lost a  lot more money than  me only to be told ""  IT'S YOUR FAULT,""   for trusting this Casino , their security people in the first place and thinking they at least had the integrity to do the right thing and at LEAST call the police and tell them ""THERE'S A THIEF RUNNING AROUND IN HOLLYWOOD TUNICA CASINO AND IT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED" 

.  They wouldn't even pick up the phone call the police and make a report and the thing of it is,  we all know that I'm not the only one that this has happened to.    I've been going to Casinos in Tunica off and on for many years and this was just my 3rd visit to this one in many years and right off the bat I was   ROBBED AND TREATED LIKE I WAS AT FAULT.   

 It may have been my fault that I became a victim of a PROFESSIONAL THIEF who works out of this casino.   I can second guess it myself , but It wasn't like I walked to the other side of the building where the machine I was playing on wasn't pretty much in site,   This criminal hit fast and hard.    It only took him seconds.  

The bad thing of it is,  I guess I could have stomached that I made somewhat of an error in thinking that I was relaxing in a safe environment.  What I can't stomach is how uncaring these people were that I became a victim on their property and even worse,  they were pretty ugly about it and they REALLY don't give a damn whether you get your money back or not.   How do I know that?  Because they told me from their own mouths that "" WE AREN'T GOING TO CALL THE POLICE AND REPORT ( THIS THEFT)  If you want to call them you can call them yourself!'..

I can only imagine how many others this has happened to at this Casino.  I can only imagine how many others have lost WAY more money than me.  One things for sure,  I've patronized Every casino ever built in Tunica Mississippi many times over the last decade or so, but this is the only one where this has ever happened to me and it sure wasn't pretty.   

To be honest with you,  I felt more like a criminal than a victim after the way these employees handled this situation and I can't see myself ever going back there.   It was completely embarrassing to me, not so much because some rogue stole my money, but because of the way I was treated and pretty much left abandoned to deal with the entire thing myself. 

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August 20, 2016
I have to agree to a certain extent. I used to go there pretty regularly myself but a few times I kind of felt uneasy later in the evenings. A lot of people seem to sit around just drinking. They don't seem to be gambling. A lot of times they are just sitting drinking and watching people or so it seems. That kind of makes you uneasy when you are gambling or carrying sizable amounts of cash on you or when you are leaving later into the night and there isn't really any security outside to speak of. It seems like it happens a lot more in some of these Casinos than others. A lot of the time security doesn't seem to bother with them and just lets them wander around drinking and doing whatever it is they are doing and many times it seems they are just standing around talking to them. I think they have a problem there more so than others. That's probably one reason these Casinos seem to be failing. Safely is an issue and if I don't feel safe, I don't go back.
Karen Thompson
October 27, 2016
Welcome to Mississippi. Ignorance is rampant, laziness and indifference is common when certain persons have a job it's hard to get fired from. I go to the casinos there often but would not ever leave a plug nickel in a slot machine for even a minute... I mostly play Blackjack and it is practically 100% safe to leave chips on the table and go to the restroom or bar, I also frequent closer to home places like Gold Strike, (my fave) Horseshoe and sometimes Fitz. Unfortunately the "finders keepers, losers weepers" mentality is part of the ignorance, laziness and indifference you will find in Mississippi.
Terry Kirby
2 results - showing 1 - 2