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Mississippi 5320
Front Bar drunk deadbeats
(Updated: February 02, 2012)
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The front bar has the same old deadbeat drunks sitting and not playing. maybe a quarter (25 cents) every hr. or so. The fat old man usually with a red cap on and his friend with his beer in a koozie. The bartenders cater to them, free beer haven't seen either one of these men leave a tip yet. They give them free comps for meals and maybe they might have spent $10 in 10 hrs. The red cap man even got his last meal in a bag to go later that night. Waved his card at the bartender and said comp,comp,comp. It was put right on there, I saw all of this myself. But if I spend 3 or 4 hundred dollars you don't have enough for one buffet? They sit and hold the same seats every week and usually every day, the first 2 seats on the end by the jackpot sign on the side by hotel entrance. One had the same color card as mine, but bartender said "he is a premier member". Well,m what am I? At least I tip and spend quite a bit of money.
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