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I just used my buy one get one free buffet coupon in the 2010 American Casino guide at the Hollywood. What a mistake!

We were staying at another property and went to eat and play slots a while. We paid for one buffet and got the other free although I paid $2 more than the person in front of me paid for his. Well, when I went to the buffet, I saw sushi and thought this was great. However, they had it in an enclosed area so I waited for someone to serve me. After 5 minutes and 3 of us waiting, I finally got the server who was cutting prime rib to come over. Then, I also got a slice of prime rib. I put a piece of sushi in my mouth and was shocked to find that I could not bite through it. I had to spit it out and cut it with a knife. After trying to chew it, I gave up. It was like a rock. I hit it on my plate and not one grain of rice came off. Apparently, it had sat all day if not longer and was dried out. I did take it up and ask the cook for the area who had now appeared when it was made. Being Oriental, he acted like he didn't understand English and only mumbled some words and turned and went back in the back. Later, another cook joined him and I saw them take a piece of sushi and feel it. It was still out when I left!

I then tried to cut the prime rib and found I could not cut it. I asked the waitress for a sharp knife and did manage to cut it. However, chewing it was not doing any good. And did I mention that the horseradish sauce was really sour cream. Someone had switched the spoons.

I gave up on this plate and tried fried chicken and a baked potato. However, I noticed a pattern with all the food, it seemed dehydrated like it had been sitting for hours. The fried chicken was so dried out that it came away from the bone in one piece and was impossible to chew. The potato was also dried out. I did eat a few boiled shrimp but they had almost no flavor.

I gave up and went to the dessert area. On the top rack, there was two pieces of dark cake and one piece of cheese cake. That was it! There were several pieces of pie and chocolate covered donuts that were like rocks. I tried the cake. Nope! It was too dry to eat. The lady at the next table had the other piece with the same result.

I then asked her about her meal and both her and her husband agreed nothing was worth eating. However, they were staying there and their meal had been free. With that, I got up to leave and the host made the mistake of asking me how my meal was. I told her in all the 25 years I had been visiting casinos, this was the worst buffet ever. She seemed to understand and offered to refund my money which I accepted.

Since we had not eaten and needed to go somewhere else to eat, we did not play any slots which is why I rated everything else a 3. I highly suggest you look at this buffet before you eat there.
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