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(Updated: December 30, 2011)
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About 5 years ago I would have said that not only is Gold Strike the best casino/hotel in Tunica, I would have also suggested to people that the comps are so much better than Las Vegas, one might want to consider going to Tunica instead of Nevada, especially if your play is concentrated on something other than slots. The problem is, this place as well as most the others in Tunica, have gone downhill.

I used to play poker here all the time and it was great. The comps are still there although not as good as they used to be (still better than a poker player can get in Las Vegas), but the property seems to attract more and more of the kinds of people I just don't want to be around. It reminds me of some of the Indian casinos in eastern Oklahoma. A very nice property then when I walk into the poker room it looks like a casting call from a Fellini movie! The last time I played at Gold Strike I beat a guy in a big pot and he hit his fist so hard onto the table I couldn't tell whether the crack I heard was his bones or the table! The yelling and cursing and acting up goes on all the time now and management does nothing about it. I won't deal with it so I have quit going there. Overall, the rooms at Gold Strike are the best in Tunica, the property is very nice, service is usually good, but I just can't stomach the clientele. I won't go back.
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