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This is one of the best "CASINOS" to lose at. The only reason I go is because it's close to home now I see why people call this place BROKE-A-HOMA because you never see anybody winning. I have yet to see a black person win in this place. I guess I will start going back to the coast me and my husband went into a few bonuses and got 20 and 25 spins on quick hits and didn't win over 20 dollars. We play good money when we go 300 to 600 dollars we play with our player cards and all they want to send us is 10 dollars free play and 10 dollars for a whole month of comp. And if you are not there before 10pm you can't even get food. They need to stop putting commercials on t.v. saying playing here win here and put some up saying play here lose here at broke homa casino. It's bad enough that they take your money, you can't eat a meal after 10pm and they won't let you bring your own food in what Casino knows that they are busy on the weekend and closes the kitchen down at 10pm at least on the coast you can eat after 10pm and they will let you win. If you are not broke before you go to broke homa you will be after you leave so if you don't have to go there then I advise you to take the extra drive to another casino even philidaphia will let you win so in my opinion this place get zero stars. Loose slots my ass if anything your pockets will be loose and you will be hungry if you leave after 10pm. Lol
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