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Horrible Waits, Lousy Buffet
(Updated: August 25, 2015)
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Waiting in line for an hour for some authentic Northern MN foods, I discover, after paying, that there are no vegetarian dinner entrees-- only side items here and there like mashed potatoes and fruits. Upon being seated, we wait around confused while nobody tells us what to do and have to flag down a server. Then, the dirty plates are removed from our table so infrequently, that I return to my seat with 3 nasty dishes which I subsequently put on the floor for lack of another place to eat. The staff then asks me not to stack my dishes on the floor because it's a tripping hazard. I then wait for fifteen minutes afterward to speak with a supervisor who isn't around and fortunately get a refund when she shows up.

Commentary: It's not that hard for a buffet to cater to vegetarians. First, don't put meat in the only Pasta Salad offering. If you offer two soups, make one Vegetarian-- perhaps that Chicken Wild Rice offering could have been Vegetable Wild Rice. I've seen other buffets do a great job with vegetarian food in the following: Build-your-own pasta bars, pizza bars, Mexican Food bars, stir-fry bars (with chef on hand), etc. For authentic Minnesota, what about Minnesota grown foods like Sweet Corn? Or beets? Or breads?

Oh yes, and don't let me forget that they have a preferred gambler's line in which people are cutting in front of the other customers who are waiting patiently for an hour to get in. Really, it doesn't feel very good when others get preferential treatment and you're waiting in a smoky line to eat some under-cooked side items like the under-done green beans. The plus side? The squash was pretty good at Black Bear.

It wasn't worth the hour wait though.
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