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My Nightmare Getting Injured There - Treated Horri
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I have been going to this casino for years even thought the customer service is terrible and the slots tight! But don't even get injured there as it is a nightmare! In April 2021, I was playing a machine at Gun Lake Casio when a metal access panel popped open and hit my feet. Apparently, the panel had a faulty or broken lock (according to the supervisor that helped me). The floor supervisor saw the redness and discoloration on both my feet but never asked about making an incident report and didn’t seem to care that I was limping and in pain. I was treated as if I was a bother and dismissed by both the casino and later their claims rep for their insurance carrier. My feet were injured and I had to eventuality seek medical care and missed work. They refuse to fully reimburse me for all my medical expenses, missed work, and other expenses I had because it was painful to walk. They have everything on video but claim that the panel was not heavy and because it is hinged it could not have damaged my feet even though they have my medical records and doctors statement showing swelling and bruising months after the incident and the doctor’s notation that it was most likely a stress fracture. Five months later and I am still having issues but can’t seek further medical treatment because they refuse to fully pay my prior medical expenses. To shorten a long story, please be careful because if you are ever injured at this casino, their treatment of those injured is absolutely horrible and they refuse to cover documented expenses for something that was clearly their fault and responsibility.
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