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I'm a weekly roller at the Hartford & Dowagiac FW and until now, took them for granted- New Buffalo was my 1st visit (Sat.) & I can honestly say, yeah I won't be back and here's why:
Fourwind's NB is a bit overwhelming with layers upon layers of crammed-together slots, unhappy, RUDE people (probably losing) and a little slimy with unattended sections which tells me that not enough staff are onboard at peak times. I must say that most of the staff (which I know by name), along with the players for the most part, in Hartford just seem to be a much happier group of people and that to me means a LOT because the positive energy of wonderful people is half the reason I go to the casino, coming out with more money is just a bonus.
The self-serve drink station in New Buffalo is exactly the same as with the two other two FW's... ONE station. As I mentioned above, not quite clean (filthy actually) and in disarray with a line of people both waiting in line and trying to push through.
[*Fourwind's, it sure would be great if you could invest in a couple more coffee machines...] Timbers, in my humble opinion, offers the BEST coffee but morally, shouldn't refills be free for Player Card members at least? Yes I know it's Timbers, not FW but give them the bill! It's $5.50 for a tiny cup w/shot of espresso and while I'm at it, PLEASE get a new espresso machine in Hartford... that sucker is ALWAYS down- your "free" coffee is unbearable. BLUUCK!
I played slots nonstop for 9.5 hours last night at the New Buffalo and lost over a grand which is highly unusual for me. To say that the payouts were tight is an understatement. Someone explain to me (I received this tip from another max-better which I do share w/other happy players lol) why it is that if you take your Player card out of the machine after a ridiculous amount of relentless spins, within a very short time your machine suddenly wins the Bonus you've been after or it'll trigger more wins...? Happens almost every time. Don't believe me, TRY it!
FW Casinos make it appear as though you're really something special while racking up member points (which are tight btw, all things considered) when in actuality your chances are MUCH greater when you take your card out of the machine. Also, try standing up at the slot machine instead of sitting down... it raises your personal vibration (just Quantum Physics) which makes it less sluggish and unattached to the computer Slot.
See, it really is these little things that casino investors play upon to guarantee their unbelievable profit from us, the Unaware and non-awakened.
Intend on going to have a good time and meeting nice, happy people and you'll come out ahead EVERY TIME!
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December 09, 2016
I'm sorry but if you think removing your card changes the outcome of a slot machine, you truly don't understand how they work. Do a simple search online and you'll find plenty of resources that explain how getting a bonus, jackpot, ect. is completely random. Although I will agree that this casino probably has a lower pay out rate than bigger Vegas casinos, to say that your card changes your odds is just plain ignorant.
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