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Still go there even though the slots are tight
(Updated: July 08, 2016)
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I'm a copper player and go frequently, at least once a week. They have a bus service that makes it more inviting and I get plenty of free play. However, I have to agree with many of the reviews. While I go often, when I was going up with my daughter, she spent more money than I did, but got less back in comps! She's questioned it several times and never received a reply. I do like the staff at the players club, they're always nice, but are also give stock answers to spew back when guests ask about their free play and offers. The machines are extremely tight. I haven't had a hand pay in three years and in the past, going to other casinos, got them at least once a month. Guess I should travel a bit further and end up with more take home...even though the free play is less. One last frustration is the copper lounge. I'm allowed three meals a day with a guest. My life partner, daughter and I all go together since my daughter can see at night and we can't. LOL. Instead of allowing me to "cash in" two meals at once so I can take two guests, I have to check in with one, eat and come back later to eat with the other. They say they're too crowded on the weekend to allow you to use two meals at once, but it seems that it would speed things up, using one table for three instead of two tables at two times for two people. Plus, it's taking the copper player (the person who loses more than the others) off the gambling floor for twice as much time. The logic of their move absolutely astounds me and often has us going to the Blue Chip where everyone eats at once. 
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