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Been a regular since the beginning. 8/8/17 changed everything. Blackjack is my game and the odds are worse than any casino I've been to. The machine shuffle gives the house a much bigger advantage. The dealer hardly breaks because the cards are clumped. You will see lots of time 20 to 30 cards that are small or big. This happens at every blackjack table except for one that is hand shuffle because they could not fit the machine at that table. Back to why I'm done with them. On 8/7/17, I was up 6k. The following day i went back and lost all it back and proceed to dip into my pocket for my last 1k. I won back 2.5k and left the table with 3.5K In chips to go get something to eat. I came back to the table to play a little bit more after I ate. The pit boss asked me to fill a form for tax purposes. I asked why do I need to fill out a form if I've lost half of my money today? The pit boss stated that the system tracked that I've won 10k. I said that's not possible and refused to fill it out. He said that I cannot play if I don't comply. At that point I took my money back and left. What pisses me off is that they are so unprofessional. They do not keep good track of what you buy in. They should not use the data of what people buy in. Lots of time they don't ask for your card and will not record the transaction to the right player. They need to be investigated for shady business.

Don't waste your time and money. All the big $ regulars have stopped going. Go to a real casino like Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods where they will treat you right!
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