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Advantageous Slot Machines Commentary
Game:  Quantity, Denomination, and Details
Indiana Jones:  4@1¢
Aliante Major-Mini:  8@1¢($10-$20)
AZ Charlie’s Boulder

S&H:  2@1¢

AZ Charlie’s Boulder

Major-Mini:  2@1¢($10-$20)

AZ Charlie’s Decatur none

Major-Mini:  8@5¢($10-$20)

Barley’s Major-Mini:  2@1¢($25-$50)
Bellagio Balloon Bars Balloon Race:  1@25¢; 1@$1

Bonus Spin:  5@25¢; 5@$1

Bellagio fishin’ for Cash:  1@$1
Bellagio Racing 7s:  1@25¢; 1@$1
Bellagio Slot Bingo:  4@25¢
Bellagio Triple diamond Baseball Diamond:  1@25¢

S&H:  1@1¢

Bill’s Major-Mini:  12@1¢($10-$20)
Binion’s none
Boulder Station

Major-Mini:  8@1¢($25-$50)

Boulder Station S&H:  1@1¢
Caesars Palace none
California Major-Mini:  12@1¢($10-$20)
Cannery Indiana Jones:  6@1¢
Casino Royale

Major-Mini:  2@1¢($10-$20)

Casino Royale S&H:  3@1¢
Circus Circus Golden Monkey:  6@1¢
Circus Circus S&H:  2@1¢
Club Fortune

Red Hot 7s:  3@1¢

Club Fortune Ring’em Up:  3@1¢
Danny’s Slot Country none
Dotty’s Casinos Generally, some advantageous games at each location.
Eastside Cannery Major-Mini:  18@1¢($10-$20)
El Cortez

S&H:  1@1¢

Eldorado Major-Mini:  8@1¢($10-$20)
Eldorado S&H:  1@1¢
Ellis Island Super 7s:  5@5¢
Emerald Island none
Eureka none
Excalibur none
Fiesta Henderson


Fiesta Rancho Major-Mini:  6@1¢($25-$50)
Fitzgeralds Major-Mini:  8@1¢($25-$50)
Fitzgeralds S&H:  2@1¢
Flamingo Major-Mini:  4@1¢($10-$20); 8@5¢($50-$100)
Fort Cheyenne none
Four Queens none

Double Diamond Mine:  1@25¢

Fremont Five Card Instant Bingo:  1@5¢
Fremont Good Times:  1@25¢(10X); 1@25¢(12X)
Fremont Major-Mini:  6@1¢($10-$20)
Fremont S&H:  1@1¢
Fremont Slot Bingo:  2@25¢
Fremont Wild Cherry Bonus Pie:  1@25¢
Gold Coast Indiana Jones:  8@1¢
Gold Coast

Major-Mini:  12@1¢($10-$20); 4@5¢($10-$20)

Gold Rush none
Gold Spike none
Golden Gate none
Golden Nugget S&H:  2@1¢
Golden Nugget Wild Cherry Bonus Pie:  1@25¢
Green Valley Ranch


Greens none
Hard Rock Indiana Jones:  6@1¢
Hard Rock Major-Mini:  4@1¢($25-$50)
Harrah’s Major-Mini:  8@1¢($50-$100)
Hooters none
Imperial Palace Major-Mini:  6@1¢($10-$20)
Jerry’s Nugget Indiana Jones:  4@1¢
Jerry’s Nugget Major-Mini:  6@1¢($10-$20)
Jokers Wild Major-Mini:  9@1¢($10-$20)
Jokers Wild S&H:  1@1¢
Klondike Sunset Major-Mini:  2@1¢($25-$50)
Klondike Sunset Red Hot 7s:  5@1¢; 5@5¢
Klondike Sunset Ring ‘Em Up:  5@1¢; 5@5¢
La Bayou

Bingo 9-line:  2@5¢

La Bayou Double Diamond Mine:  2@25¢
La Bayou Red Hot 7s:  4@1¢; 4@5¢
La Bayou Ring ‘Em Up:  4@1¢; 4@5¢
La Bayou Wild Cherry Bonus Pie:  2@25¢
Lake Mead none
Las Vegas Hilton

Major-Mini:  4@1¢($25-$50)

Las Vegas Hilton S&H:  1@1¢
Longhorn none
Lucky Club
Luxor none
Golden Monkey:  12@1¢
M Major-Mini:  8@1¢($25-$50)
Main Street Station none
Mandalay Bay

Golden Monkey:  6@1¢

Mandalay Bay Major-Mini:  8@1¢($10-$20)
Mandalay Bay S&H:  6@1¢
Mermaids Double Diamond Mine:  2@25¢; 1@$1
Mermaids Red Hot 7s:  8@1¢;  8@5¢
Mermaids Ring ‘Em Up:  8@1¢;  8@5¢
Mermaids Wild Cherry Bonus Pie:  2@25¢; 1@$1
MGM Grand

Double Diamond Mine:  1@$1

MGM Grand Money Factory:  2@25¢
Mirage Double Diamond Mine:  1@25¢
Mirage Good Times:  1@25¢
Monte Carlo Good Times:  8@25¢(10x)
Mystic none
New York-New York

S&H:  1@$1

Opera House none
Orleans Major-Mini:  12@1¢($10-$20)
Orleans Super 8 Line:  10@1¢,5¢,10¢
O’Sheas none
Palace Station none
Palazzo none

Major-Mini:  10@1¢($10-$20)

Paris Major-Mini:  8@5¢($10-$20)
Planet Hollywood Major-Mini:  6@1¢($10-$20)
Plaza Golden Monkey:  2@1¢
Plaza Major-Mini:  4@1¢($10-$20)
Plaza S&H:  1@1¢
Poker Palace Boom:  2@5¢
Railroad Pass Boom:  1@1¢
Rainbow none
Rampart Red Hot 7s:  4@5¢
Rampart Ring ‘Em Up:  4@5¢
Red Rock Station Major-Mini:  6@1¢($25-$50)
Rio Major-Mini:  8@5¢($10-$20)
Riviera none

Major-Mini:  12@5¢($25-$40)

Sam’s Town Golden Monkey:  8@1¢
Sam’s Town Major-Mini:  22@1¢($10-$20); 2@25¢($25-$40)
Sam’s Town Major-Mini:  2@$1($100-$200)
Santa Fe Station S&H:  2@1¢
Siegel Slots
Silver Nugget none
Silverton Indiana Jones:  11@1¢
Silverton Major-Mini:  3@1¢($25-$50)
Skyline S&H:  1@1¢
South Point Indiana Jones:  10@1¢
South Point S&H:  2@1¢
Stage Door none

Golden Monkey:  6@1¢

Stratosphere Major-Mini:  6@1¢($10-$20); 6@5¢($10-$20)
Stratosphere S&H:  2@1¢
Suncoast Golden Monkey:  6@1¢

Major-Mini:  14@1¢($10-$20); 8@1¢($25-$50)

Sunset Station S&H:  1@1¢

Indiana Jones:  5@1¢

Terrible’s Town none
Texas Station S&H:  1@1¢
Treasure Island S&H:  2@2¢
Treasure Island Wild Cherry Bonus Pie:  2@25¢
Tropicana none
Tuscany Major-Mini:  6@1¢($25-$50)
Tuscany S&H:  1@1¢
United Coin none
Vegas Club Big Bang Piggy Bankin’:  1@25¢
Vegas Club Rescue Spin:  2@1¢
Vegas Club S&H:  1@1¢
Vegas Club X Factor:  1@25¢
Venetian none


Westin Major-Mini:  3@1¢($25-$50)
Wild Wild West none
Wildfire Boulder none
Wildfire Lanes none
Wildfire Rancho none
Wynn none


The slot machines mentioned on this page have a banking feature and can generally be played profitably if a sufficient amount of the banked item has been accumulated.

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