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? It used to be fun driving to Sac & Fox with the hope of winninng a few dollars but this was 8 or 10 years ago. Now everytime it gets a little tougher to win and I can't understand why? The so-called experts say the machines cannot be adjusted to pay off less??? I wonder if this is true?? I have about decided we will not go to Sac & Fox anymore
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January 04, 2011
its not that the machines cant have the pay back changed cause they can be changed, its the cost of the software and the time it takes to do it. on average its $3,500 & up per each machine for the software (in KS we can NOT duplicate the software) it can take weeks or even months to have the gaming commissions approve the change if they do approve it, then to have them come in and be there when the seals are broken, installed, and tested then sealed again run the report etc. then if its all "good" place the macine in service ready for play. needless to say its just not cost effective when you consider the cost multiplied by several hundred machines.
there is no "switch" to be thrown or turned on for the machines to pay etc. its completely up to the "random generator" in the software of the machine. sort of like the childs game "simon" it randomly selects the color or light in a random series.
As a slot tech I wish I could bring a customer in to work with me for a week just so they can see how it ACTUALLY works, and like I said they are not "rigged" to rip people off.
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