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(Updated: August 13, 2017)
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I have had tons of fun over the years st riverside casino. But in the past 18 months management has been putting their money in the wrong pockets. Slots just don't pay. Its no longer fun. I expect to pay to play. I don't expect Anything for free. But they are just so cheap! They have a charity match. You give 10 dollars and they give you 10 in free play. But no more than 10! Just cheap. This month they are giving away Coca Cola. Gamble a hundred and they will give you a carton of coke. The merchandise in the pro shop and the boutique and their gift shop is cheap and overpriced. You expect casino merchandise to be 30 to 40 percent higher than retail. But at least you expect some quality. The staff are good. Some more surly than others. The VIP staff are great. The give aways are not worth the effort and the drawings are a joke. It seems to me that management has put too much money into developing new properties and spending money to lobby against other properties being built. For myself at the highest card level I expect a certain amount of free play dropped on my card and when I see that slashed to less than half my expectations then I stop going after awhile. Typically I take my free play x 5. So that if you give me 50 I'll pull out 250 cash to start my round of play I usually play around 5 hours at a time. So now when I go to rcag I pull out less cash. This casino has been around long enough that it is rough around the edges. They need a staff and environmental refresh. It all feels old and stale like their ridiculous give aways. 
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September 12, 2018
No the casino cant just go all willy nilly and hit the "take more money" button. They have an average payback percentage of 90.79% they are not going to fluctuate more the half a percent in any given year.
Tim L
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