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(Updated: February 07, 2015)
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This casino just recently stopped allowing bonus points on all video poker machines. The interesting thing is they aren't letting their customers know this up front. Saw that points were adding up much slower than normal and asked some workers about it. They put their heads together and finally remembered they recently excluded video poker from point multipliers. When asked if they posted anything or let players know, they said "only if someone asks". This place use to be pretty generous to their players but sadly is now becoming extremely greedy and taking away the good things that made them better. Time to find a new casino to play!
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February 16, 2015
I think this casino has some new "managers" and the trend is NOT player friendly. Along with the cut of points for video poker, slots seem much tighter. I suppose they figure they can get away with this now that Cedar Rapids was unable to secure a casino license.

Also, so many employees in many areas need better training. Their lack of knowledge or willingness to find answers is astounding. They do have some good employee but many who are just incompetent.
April 16, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

@RJ The fact they allowed bonus points on the poker machines in the first place was obviously a mistake. The fact that you could get 4x points betting 10 bucks a game on games with 99% payback was too good to be true and people exploited the hell out of it until they realized their mistake. Besides that exploit of the casino they fixed they have not changed one other thing.

@JS The slots are the same as ever you have just had bad luck pushing buttons at the perfect millisecond lately. They now post there payback at the front entrance and it is 92% the highest in iowa and one of the highest in the country outside of neveda. Please tell me one question you asked and it didn't get answered?
Tim L
January 11, 2016
In reply to an earlier comment

Tim, how can 4x points be a "mistake"? They have been doing that for at least ten years and I can guarantee you they made money from video poker. Those machines don't pay near 99%. I know they are better than slots but maybe 95-97% tops. You must work for the casino and it's funny you talk about PLAYERS exploiting the CASINO!! How about what casinos do to the players, especially those that are addicted? Just more casino greed and making players money drain faster.
3 results - showing 1 - 3