Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview Mike Trask, Vice President of Product Marketing & Communications at Ainsworth Slots to get details on how slot machines work. They discuss general questions, such as: What is a random number generator? So all slot machines use RNGs? When a casino orders a slot machine from your company can they request any payback percentage that they want to be programmed into that machine? How do casinos decide which machines should have lower paying chips and which should have higher-paying chips?

They also discus many FAQ’s that are asked by slot payers, such as: If a machine hasn’t hit for awhile, does that means it’s due to hit soon? If a machine just hit a jackpot does that mean it won’t pay out again for a while? How widespread is server-based gaming? Let’s say I am playing a machine for 30 minutes. After I leave someone takes my place and immediately hits a jackpot. Would I have won that jackpot if I was still playing that machine? When you get to a bonus round and you have the option to choose different symbols to determine your prizes, does it really matter which symbols you choose? Plus, much more!