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Florida 3050
I don't know whaere to begin at how terrible this
(Updated: August 19, 2017)
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Where can I begin at how PoS this place has became over the years. As a casino goer and daughter of a slot machine operator and tiny casino owner I can tell you full heartily that this is the worst casino ever. 1.) the pay offs are some of the worst ever. I played one slot machine call Buffalo that is 75 cents per hit and the free games are difficult to obtain. When one does get a free games the winnings are $6- $12, depending how many free games you will get. it also depends if their favorite rich friend cashed out multiple big wins within the casino. If you hear that Mr. Big cash baldy won multiple checks of $4000 don't bother playing within this casino. More on this matter in number three reason why this place is no good. Anyways this casino use to pay well for lower income slots, but now it is as if it is only collecting cash to give it all to the rich hos who don't even come here at all... unless they get a call from an insider friend to come and win or collect his cash. The rest of us are fuked. This is why there is problems with the employees and harassment. All those orange shirt people spent more time either standing around doing nothing or harassing the customers. 2.) Some of the sluttiest employees ever. The only tip I have for any of these employees is get another job if your current one isn't pay too well. There is one called the Go-Go where it is more acceptable to flirt with the customers. 3.) The worse left for last. There is way TOO much favoritism it isn't even funny. You know the expression ... it is not what you know, but who you know that counts.... well that is most certainly can be applied to this casino. No matter what only rich people who come here once a week or so that are best friends with the owners get the bigger prizes or at least get to play for hours while those of us who play low amounts don't win at all nor do we play at all ($40 goes out like a fart in the wind in just seconds). All of the fun and winnings are given to the rich friends of the casino employees and owners. So if you don't live next to these people or friends... forget about ever winning here. This goes for those raffles... oh especially the raffles. I had seen owners print out 2000-5000 tickets for one person to put into the raffle bin... ummm... lets do some math here. one person with 2000-5000 tickets, while most other people have only 1-3 tickets each... who is going to win? If your answer is the guy with over 2000 tickets you are right. It is always the same people who win. Same name always get pulled out of that bin. I also had seen days to which the machines are tightened even further because one of these rich friends cashed out multiple checks of $4000 and $17000 winnings so the casino gains it back by taking from the poorest. Favoritism and bs also applies to poker, and the other card games. It is bad. Very bad. The supposedly $10,000 win from Royal Flush gets shared with everyone else in the table. Oh yeah, this casino is communism when it comes to the card games. You don't keep all of your winnings... oh no this is nothing like Magic. At Magic you don't share any of your winnings... the house provides the extra to give to the other players in your winning table so you can keep all of your $25,000 for that Royal Flush. Magic is double the wins and you get to keep it all. In Hialeah you have to split your winnings. So in reality you aren't winning $10,000... more like $7000. :( Overall, this casino isn't forth your time unless you are best friends with the owners. Again, WAY too many favoritism. The only thing that is truly honest is the Bingo and even that I question its integrity and fairness. It use to be fun, but within the last three years of personal observation and experience this casino is highly corrupted and nasty. Yes, it is physically clean. The cleaning personals are the only truly honest, kindred spirit employees working in that place. As for the mechanism and fairness of the place... it is the direst and most unfair of all.
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