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I visited Mohegan Sun on Saturday, February 13, 2016. I ate and play at the tables. The atmosphere was great. My only problem was when I went to start up my car it wouldn't start. I ask a nice security guard for help and he called transportation for me whom came after a while cause I wasn't the only one with car trouble. They jumped the car twice but it still wouldn't turn on so I was told to see if they were any rooms available cause they would again later in the day but everything was sold out. The weather was below freezing and I sat on a couch in the hotel lobby but told to leave to where the buses come in. Once I went over there it was like being outside freezing cold and I do know this a business but there were other people in the same situation as I. It would helped if the heat would of been on r given a blanket to stay warm. Instead I ended up walking around to stay warm.
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June 19, 2016
Hi Nelly,
Car trouble is NEVER fun to deal with. It does sound like they did a lot more for you though than most businesses would do at all. Like I had locked my keys in the car at a different place, another casino, and it almost amazed me that they had sort of like their own AAA service show up, no charge, and get into the car for me. If the jump had worked you'd have been all set, but it seems like there was a more serious issue with your vehicle, than they could help you out with. And if it had happened at a Wal-Mart, they'd be telling you that they'd have it towed if it was sitting there. I know it was frustrating, but I think your letdown came more out of the situation and your car, than what they could do for you, because seems like they really tried to help out, right?
Cindy W.
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