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While enjoying friday evenings special at the Saddlebar Restaurant my attention was grabbed by a young man doing spin tricks with a bar rag at the very open to the public Fireside kitchen.

Wondering if he could spin a pizza in the same fashion i walked over and approached the man and asked him to make me the "goldmine" after that I sat back at my table in Saddlebar so he wouldn't notice me spying.

He proceeded to "play" with a dough ball as if it were modeling clay, focused and determined to make this ball into something edible. He than began to roll it out on his makeshift cutting board/work table after about a minute he began throwing the dough back and forth very fast between his hands making the dough bigger and bigger then all of a sudden threw the dough into the air and started bouncing it between his hands and then he caught it and maintained a spinning motion for about five seconds. He then turned his back to top the dough then after about ten seconds of acrobatics with a pizza spatula he cooked the pizza for about 6 minutes.

Let me tell you, awesome pizza, awesome show(FREE!) great times. Fireside kitchen is a great pizzeria.


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