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(Updated: April 30, 2017)
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I just went to your casino for the last time. I literally turned in my card so don't ask me again for my card number, I quit! I also unsubscribed to your emails. The problem? My wife goes with me an used to study by the fireplace just like the the other ladies waiting for their husbands why they gamble. You through them out and replaced them with drunk young people. This Time my wife closed her eyes for a moment from her reading. A "security guard" with a white beard and red vest came up to her and yelled, "you can't sleep here!" She responded" sorry I understand I was just resting my eyes from my iPad" again he yelled" you can't sleep here" so she left and I had to leave. I spoke to the manager who said he would check with the head of security I decided I would speak to the "head of security" he said he watched the video and the security guard was right. I said "to yell at my wife" he responded that he did not yell, I guess his hearing is less sensitive than an older lady and then said this conversation is over and literally hung up on me mid sentence Then I called back the manager and he said that he had a right to respond that way to my wife and to me. Then he said " what is it you want any way, I offered you a free meal and said I was sorry" I said all I want is a reason to come back. I want my wife to feel comfortable to come back to the casino as we have been going for years. I just want to feel wanted and welcome as a customer and not to have my wife yelled at. He took my name and number and said he would have a customer relations person call me. I am still waiting! We understand not being able to sleep in the lobby but she just closed her eyes and wanted some respect. I am not sure such a thing exists in this casino 
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