Coupon Changes

Coupon Changes

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we do not know the exact time frame for when each of the participating casinos or merchants with a coupon in our book will reopen. 

All Nevada casinos will be allowed to open on June 4, 2020. As the casinos start to re-open we will post updates on this page about any coupon changes.

In the past, many casinos which closed a dining facility with a coupon in our book would allow that dining coupon to be used elsewhere on the property. We expect that will happen with many of the buffet coupons in the American Casino Guide book, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. Once again, when we are able to confirm this information, we will post it on this page.

Since there is still more than six months left to use the coupons, hopefully, this will give our book buyers time to use their coupons. As always, anyone who bought the book from us can return the book to us and get a refund back to your original form of payment. The only thing we ask is that all of the coupons still remain in the book so that we can sell the book again. If you bought the book elsewhere you would need to return it to that seller to get a refund.


2020 American Casino Guide - Coupon Changes

The D Las Vegas - Due to the expansion of the sportsbook at the D, the showrooms permanently closed on January 6, 2020.  Therefore, the coupons for: Up to $20 off tickets to Marriage Can Be Murder or Friends The Musical Parody, 2-for-1 tickets to Defending The Caveman or Jokesters Comedy Club, and $40 off regular tickets to Adam London Laughternoon are no longer valid. If those shows open elsewhere in Las Vegas we will attempt to have them honored at their new location and we will post a notice about that on this page. See below for acceptance of some of the show coupons at a new location.

The D Las Vegas - The get out of a blackjack hand for FREE (push your bet on 22) coupon is no longer valid as of January 2, 2020. This coupon may be replaced with a different offer in the future. If that happens, we will be sure to post that information on this page.

Paris - The Jeff Civillico show closed. The final performance of Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action was December 18, 2019 at the Anthony Cools Showroom inside Paris Las Vegas. 

Friends The Musical Parody - Reopened at Paris Las Vegas on March 10, 2020. The American Casino Guide coupon formerly for the same show at The D, will now be accepted at the Paris Las Vegas box office. The discount is $10 off regular tickets, or $15 off VIP tickets. 

Marriage Can Be Murder - This show is now having pop-up performances at Hennessey's Tavern (425 Fremont Street #110) in downtown Las Vegas during March 2020. Performance dates are: 3/3, 3/5, 3/7, 3/12, 3/14, 3/15, 3/19 - 3/21, 3/27 and 3/30. The American Casino Guide coupon, formerly for the same show at The D, will now be accepted at the new location. The discount is $10 off regular tickets, or $15 off VIP tickets. 




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