Casino Gambling in Virginia

There are not any traditional casinos in Virginia. Instead, there are several locations that offer betting on historical horse races with gaming machines that  look like traditional slot machines. 

In April, 2018, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a bill to allowing historical horse race betting machines at the Colonial Downs horse track, located about 30 miles outside of Richmond. 

Although most gamblers would think that the machines are slots, in realty, they are betting on past horse races without knowing which horse they are betting on and the results are displayed on “slot machine-type” reels which are used for entertainment purposes.

The first facility with historic horse racing machines opened at Colonial Downs in April 2019 and it is called Rosie’s Gaming Emporium. A second Rosie’s opened in Vinton, outside of Roanoke. A third opened in Richmond and a fourth is expected to open in Hampton by Ocotber 2019, and a fifth facility will open in Cheasapeake sometime in early 2020.

The Colonial Downs Group, which owns all of the gaming emporiums, is limited to a total of 10 locations and a maximum total of 3,000 machines for all locations combined.

While these machines may appear to be regular slot machines, they are actually gaming machines that are based on unidentified past horse races and the spinning reels shown on the machines are for entertainment purpose only.

These historic horse racing machines are the only types of casino gambling offered in Virginia casinos. There are no table games offered at any of the casinos in Virginia.

The minimum gambling is 18 and none of the casinos is open on a 24-hour basis. See each Virginia casino listing for details on their hours of operation.

For more information on visiting the casinos in Virginia, call the Virginia Tourism Corporation at (804) 545-5600, or visit their website at

Want to See a Map of all casinos in Virginia?

Visit our Virginia casinos map page to see a detailed map showing all casinos in that state.

Shown below is a list of the Virginia casinos that offer historical horse race betting machines. Click on a name to see a page of detailed information about that particular casino.

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