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Casinos In Council Bluffs

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Types Of Casinos In Council Bluffs

  • Two casinos in Council Bluffs are riverboat casinos (which do not cruise), and one casino is located in a former greyhound racing track.

Casino Hours In Council Bluffs

  • All Council Bluffs casinos are open 24 hours a day.

Casino Games in Council Bluffs

  • All casinos in Council Bluff offer: blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, slot machines, video poker, and video keno. 

Council Bluffs Payback Statistics

By state law, Iowa casinos must release all payback percentages on electronic gaming machines to the public. Just click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for all casinos in Iowa.

Jackpot info

  • If you win a jackpot in a Iowa casino of $1,200 or more, the Iowa casino will withhold 5% of your winnings as tax for the Iowa Department of Revenue. The $1,200 threshold would applies to any cash prizes won in casino tournaments or drawings. There is a possibility of getting some of that money refunded by filing a state income tax return. 

Casino Policy on Alcoholic Beverages

Please note that Iowa state regulations do not allow Council Bliffs casinos to provide free alcoholic beverages.

Gambling Age in Council Bluffs

  • The minimum gambling age in all Council Bluff casinos is 21 years old, 18 for pari-mutuel wagering or bingo.

Closest Airports

  • The closest airport to Council Bluffs is Omaha Eppley Airfield, (OMA), located about 3.5 miles away.

History of Riverboat Casinos in Council Bluffs

  • The first state in the U.S. to ever legally allow riverboat casino gambling was Iowa. Legislation in Iowa approved the law in 1989, with the first riverboat casino opening on April 1, 1991. When the riverboat casinos first started, gamblers were limited to a maximum of $5 a bet, and enforced a strict maximum loss of $200 per person, per cruise.
  • In 1994, the Iowa state legislature eliminated these gambling restrictions. In also legalized casinos to be constructed on moored barges that float on man-made basins of water. This no longer requires the casinos to be on actual boats and allows riverboat casinos to closely resemble land-based buildings.
  • Today, there are currently two riverboat casinos located in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Pari-Mutuel (racetrack) Casinos in Council Bluffs

  • All Pari-mutuel racetracks in Iowa have electronic gaming machines, such as slots and video poker, as well as an assortment of table games. Today, there is  only one racetrack casino located in Council Bluffs, however, racing ceased at that facility in 2015.

Native American Casinos in Council Bluffs

  • Currently there are three native American casinos located in Iowa. Unfortunately, there are no Native American casinos in the Council Bluffs area. The closet Native American casino to the area is Blackbird Bend in Onawa, about 65 miles north.  

For more information on visiting casinos in Council Bluffs call the city’s tourism department at (800) 228-6878 or visit their web site at

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