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Cali wants you to spend your $$ in Nevada
(Updated: August 21, 2011)
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Very easy to get to on the freeway from SD, this is a nice casino, albeit pieced together so it's a bit hard to navigate once inside. The blackjack games are first rate and the staff pleasant. I have even had a few decent runs at the tables. The Dreamcatcher Nightclub is also a great spot and a nice break from the action. I have had late/early breakfast at the 24 hour diner-type place, also very good and a big plate of food priced right with friendly staff but the a/c was cranked up so high it was a bit unpleasant. Cocktail service is decent as well, but not comped at the tables like you might find elsewhere. There is no hotel/resort here. The rest of the story is not so rosy. The players club card seems to be a joke. I have racked up my fair share of 'points' but they seem to have no real value. There have been no comps on anything. I was even offered a free buffet for signing up and never received it. The slots, which occupy most of the gaming floor, are awful. Variety is not the best, the best games are not here and payouts are worse. California really dropped the ball on this one, not regulating the slots or requiring the casinos to be accountable for them by posting payout percentages and it really shows, these machines could be set for 5% or 85% payout and it would suit the state just fine. There are NO minimum payout percentages. Who else runs a business in this fashion?? I have been here eight times and have yet to see anyone win anything substantial. Changing this law and adding a place to stay for players who are weary after a day's play would probably make this a first class venue. In summary it's a nice break for a day but for real gaming action, keep heading east to Nevada.
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