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California 6180
Slot Games are unfair to the player
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If you come here to drink and have fun and consider your gaming action like a video arcade then you might have a good time if you get my drift. You can't win here period,the machines are all set to an odd program very low and will be the worst you have ever seen. They know what their doing as well and aren't accountable this is a non regulated casino. This place is great for a first time visit with 900 bucks and a room so you can try some 6 deck black jack,roulette and maybe some poker. Your welcome to try 200 bucks on slots but it will be gone in about 15 min. Like I sad not a regulated casino think about that this means they can bait and switch people at will allow the new customer to win at will,flip the machines to any program they want and technically just cheat. Overall I would steer away from this place in the first place and save yourself the headache of coming back and always losing. It's right next to the dump the interior is one of the smokiest you will ever see it's nauseating. The crowd is mixed here as a very loud place on the weekend and literally a ghost town on weeknights full lot of let's just say rif raff.. 
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