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(Updated: February 13, 2017)
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So I came here for the first time, and the last time, this past Saturday. Only to find that the multi deck table games offered are completely covered with continuous shuffle machines. Which if you understand Bj as far as house advantage goes, your completely screwed. So I skipped the multi deck games and went to find some single or double deck games, and your just as screwed there also. The games all have the worst rules like you can only double on 9, 10, and 11. You cannot double any split, you can't insure a natural blackjack, etc. So basically they only allow suckers to play, and you WILL lose all your money if you play there long enough. I sat down to play a couple of slots just to say I didn't drive an hour and a half for nothing, and 3 machines took 40 dollars in about 10 minutes. I think I won once. Which was no big deal, but man, I really feel for the people that play slots with bigger cash. You're totally screwed. Also, a side fact that I learned, I won't post any links, but you can google the "United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria court case", and find that this tribe attempted to overturn California's Governor power to grant casino licenses to Indian Tribes for building new casino's. Meaning they attempted to halt the forward progress of other Indian tribes, in the name of thwarting competition. What a crock. I thought that Indian Casino's were a means of cultivating progress and financial prosperity for otherwise poor and poverty suffering tribes, not to compete with other casinos. Absolutely unethical. For this reason, I will never return to this place. 
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December 19, 2018
Your correct it's so sad when this place opened it was beautiful and jackpots were happening left and right as they nicknamed it the jackpot capital of California. I remember this back in the day a lady on the overhead speaker 3-5 times a night stating Jil won 1,200,Ben won 2,500 this happened everytime I was there. I used to see people hitting 300 dollar hits on the machines every night and for me I used to win 5 to 600 every 2 weeks after some losses to keep me coming back and this was just slot machines now I never win anything but maybe once a year!. Then in the blink of an eye though it changed so drastically and mysteriously.. This place is now run by greed it's scary I don't want to believe it because I enjoy just playing some games but it's true. You could compare it do a shopaholic with her husbands blank check hooked on qvc and the mall spending 5 k everyday. It's the same they have no regulation sometimes they just turn a bank of machines to 35% and sometimes when it's super busy they feel generous and set them to 95% for an hour all on a server in the blink of an eye. How is this gambling this isn't fair most of the time it's set to a super low program and nobody wins they just don't seem to care. This is a sham it's like they pick and chose who wins to them it's just a big bait and switch game with the illusion or real gambling.

Iv'e seen all the reviews on trip advisor,Yelp abroad and now here I think's it confirmed everyone hates this place for gambling and that's saying something! If you could compare this place to a movie theater it would be like: Popcorn is fantastic,the candy very selective but the movie costed me 50 bucks and shut off halfway through due to technical problems just like last week! What's even worse is recently they sunk lower and have gone to extreme measures to make sure nobody cashes out crazy!! What they did is turn off the ability to use the voucher and made everyone wait in a big slow line to cash out their 50 bucks manually took me an hour. This lasted nearly all night so of course you could keep using them to play and most did just not worth the hassle to cash out and to top that off when the atm works and you have say 7.86 cents it wont give you the change instead it's another voucher you must play or just throw away incredible think about that x 5000 people every week!
tim suarez
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